The American Veteran

Who Is The American Veteran?

Members of American Heritage & Ancestry.

The American Veteran

What is TAV?

An online marketing strategy focusing on the behavioral, geographical, & demographical subsets of a unique target audience, which in this case are veterans of American heritage & ancestry, for the purpose of generating lead-based initiatives centered around brand creation, product development, amplification, and support.


a person who has had long experience in a particular field.

What is an American Veteran?

An American Veteran is an individual of American descent, heritage, & ancestry regardless of ethnicity, place of immigration, social or economic status, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

The American Veteran

Greater Works!


The purpose of this platform is simple: help Americans develop & promote ideas which aids in or contributes to their own personal growth.


To aid in the development of online resources which contribute to the creation of wealth & prosperity for Americans.


Become a leading resource in the discovery, development, marketing, and amplification of ideas, brands, & businesses created by Americans.


  • Become a leading repository for positive inclusive discussions related to the self-marketing efforts of Americans centered around:
    • Starting new businesses.
    • Generating online wealth.
    • Building new brands.
    • Developing community empowerment initiatives.
  • The creation of policy and documentation of any efforts or contributions which forwards the continued plights of Americans.
  • The continued development and integration of tools & resources which contribute greatly to the continued development & scaling of ideas & visions of Americans.
  • Partnering with like-minded individuals & organizations who’s efforts, missions, & visions align with those of the TAV community platform.


  • Content Creation – author & editor rights assigned to members allowing for the creation of news posts.
  • Social Sharing – automatic posting & distributing of news posts across TAV social media profiles.
  • Community Forums – forum topic creation capability to help extend marketing efforts via topic-based discussions.
  • Business Directory – a listings service option for business owners seeking to promote offers & services with hopes of generating leads within the exclusive community.
  • Advertising Agency – ad space purchase options for brand & business owners seeking to generate leads through ad sales within the exclusive community.
  • Ecommerce – custom print on demand apparel & accessories specifically designed to target Black American Veterans.
  • Crowdfunding – the ability to raise small, or large, sums of money from groups of people to help finance personal or start-up projects..
  • Project Management – create & manage unlimited projects centered on self-development, marketing, & business.
  • Portfolio Management – store details about their projects in a central online location within the community.
  • Wiki Management – create unlimited wiki articles on a wide range of topics and able to be accessed by other members within the community.
  • Live Chat – engage with others in real-time..
  • Support – email-based ticket support system to address community, engagement, & marketing needs.
The American Veteran

TAV American Flag

The American Veteran

TAV American Flag & Unity Wreath

The American Veteran
The American Veteran
The American Veteran
The American Veteran
The American Veteran


Black American Veteran (B.A.V.) Nation

Members of ethnic groups who embrace or identify as being ‘black’, or of associated ethnic descent, are welcome to visit & join our exclusive niche marketing community, Black American Veteran (B.A.V.) Nation, which offers content creation, advertising, directory listing options, and topic-based community forums for both businesses & individuals seeking to target their online marketing strategies to members of ethnic communities.

The American Veteran is Niche Marketing

(America is the Niche Market!)

The American Veteran

What is Marketing?

The use of the American Veteran (TAV) platform as a tool to help individual marketers & business owners target & amplify their advertising strategies based on characteristics specific to an exclusive market, group, or demographic of potential customers most likely to be accepting of their offerings. These characteristics can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Activity
  • Behavior
  • Culture
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Needs
  • Professions
  • Style
  • Teachings

The benefit to this approach, especially for new brands & business owners, is that it gives them an opportunity to differentiate themselves, and their brands, from their competitors by allowing them to appear as authorities in their chosen niches which builds trust & establishes long-standing connections with their audiences.

How Does the American Veteran Work?

The motivation for the creation of The American Veteran is based on this one initiative: members (veterans) helping members (veterans). The platform combines a variety of marketing strategies & support services aimed at helping members identify & resolve challenges while encouraging them to create newfound efforts centered around their own personal growth. This initiative is centered around the following objectives:

  • Community – Community features allow & encourage engagement amongst members based on affiliation or needs stemming from mentoring or service marketing.
  • Engagement – Engagement is about having a place to go where you can find people you can relate to and who’s open to helping you navigate through challenges.
  • Mentoring – Members interested in mentoring or coaching can establish themselves as authority figures within the community through their works which can be presented in the form of events, wiki articles, video posts, and through the use of live chat.
  • Brand Development – Members with ideas to build a new brand can use the premium services provided which allow the creation of projects. In addition, members are able to reach to other members for assistance as needed.
  • Marketing – Individual brand & business owners have access to premium services which allow them to market their services to other members in a variety of ways throughout the platform.