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*** ATTENTION *** *** THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE *** The product is intended...
DETAILS: Custom-colored ethnic-inspired socks to match with other Black American Veteran Apparel items to include:...
DETAILS: Pride is on the menu in the form of an LGBTQ pride camouflage-colored unisex...
DETAILS: Looking to add to your active, leisure, or workout apparel collection? Our custom designed...
DETAILS: Pan-African inspired design is on display in these BAV (Black American Veteran) 1619 Pan-African...


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What's Your Purpose?

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Every idea has a Purpose attached to a set of Goals driving its design. Have you figured out the Purpose of your ideas? Get help defining your Goals.


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The hosting, marketing, community, tools, and support needed to grow your brand & business – all in one place.

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The American Veteran’s All-In-One Platform Provides a Step-by-Step Self-guided Approach to Launching & Marketing New Brands.

1. Self Discovery

Let’s start by identifying what’s keeping You from being the Best Version of Yourself & Living Your Best Life. We need to figure out what’s Broken in your Environment & what steps must we take to Fix it?

2. Purpose

Next, let’s try to determine your Life’s Purpose or True Calling, and link it to a New set of Goals that we’ll then use to help You build an online Wealth-building strategy designed to help Change your Life.

3. Projects

Now that we have a newfound Purpose we need the ability to document our efforts and track ongoing steps we’ll take to build, grow, and promote this new Purpose-driven Wealth-building strategy.

4. Tools

In order for this new Purpose-driven Wealth-building project to be Successful we’re going to need access to tools and support resources to help Guide us on our New Undertaking.

5. Hosting

We also need the ability to create an online marketing tool, in the form of a website, that we’ll use to share information about our Purpose-driven project, tell our stories, and market our products & services.

6. Management

As you work to Grow your new Purpose-driven online project into a legitimate revenue-generating business you’re going to need help managing website resources until you’re capable of doing it yourself.

7. Marketing

You also need to learn how to Market your new Purpose-driven Wealth-building to audiences unfamiliar with your Brand. This includes learning how to Generate Leads & Promote Products.

8. Support

Along the way, you’re going to have questions on everything from How To to What If. You may also find yourself overwhelmed and in need of accessible short-term or long-term support options.

9. Replication

Now that we have a proven Purpose-driven online wealth-building strategy it’s time to move it onto a permanent hosting solution where we’ll replicate it creating new revenue streams.

9 Steps to Build a Better American

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The T.A.V. Network

Use The American Veteran for a Step-by-Step Blueprint of How to Start Your First or Next Home-based Business.

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Find Your Purpose

Determine what’s keeping you from moving forward, define your Goals, and discover your Life’s Purpose.

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Find Your Niche

Build a new online wealth-building strategy around your new Purpose designed to solve problems & Change Lives.

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Improve Your Environment(s)

Use Storytelling as a means to promote your new Purpose helping to enrich the lives of those around you.

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